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Our S650 package for the 2016-2022 Camaro SS is easily one of the most value filled upgrade options that we offer. Offering gains of up to 160hp, and 101tq on 93 octane, this package results in a major transformation of your Camaro that provides impressive gains throughout the mid, and tep end range of the RPM band, allowing for easy launches, and exceptional drivability.

This install package includes the following products and services from Livernois Motorsports:


  • ATI Procharger P1SC Supercharger
  • Livernois Motorsports Professional Installation
  • Livernois Motorsports Dyno Tuning
  • Livernois Motorsports Selected Supercharger approved Spark Plugs
  • ECM Reprogramming for Supercharger upgrade
  • Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump
  • Upgraded High Pressure Fuel Pump
  • Optional Transmission Tuning (17-19.5 require unlocking, not available for 19.5+ cars)
  • Increased horsepower & torque (up to 160hp and 101tq with bundled offering)
  • 1-Year Warranty

*Installed by our highly trained technicians at Livernois Motorsports & Engineering*


About Livernois Motorsports

Livernois Motorsports & Engineering has become best-known for revolutionary tuning and high-end performance products for late model Ford, Mopar and GM vehicles. The company is proud of its deep roots in the automotive and motorsports industry dating back to its original founding in 1949. Since then the company has expanded its product line to include tuning and performance components for desert racing, SCCA and drag racing. Livernois Motorsports is proud to engineer, test and manufacture its products in the USA.

The S650 package from Livernois Motorsports features the following components:

Procharger P1SC Supercharger

Take your Camaro to the next level with ATI Procharger's P1SC Centrifugal Supercharger System! Capable of over 700WHP, this selc contained system uses a dedicated belt drive, as well as s high efficiency air-to-air intercooler system to provide reliable, and consistent performance.

- Upgraded High Pressure Direct Injection Fuel Pump Upgrade

With increased power comes increased need for fuel, and never has it been more critical than with Direct Injected vehicles. We take a page out of GM's playbook and include the LT4 high pressure fuel pump with the S650 package to ensure adequate fuel pressure and vlume are there at all times!

- Boost-a-Pump Fuel Pump Electrical Current Upgrade

The production electronics for the low side fuel system on the 6th generation camaro are not up to the task for high flow needs, to aid with this shortcoming we utilize the Kenne Bell Boost-a-Pump. Proven for over 3 decades as a reliable, and efficent way to incrase output from the factory electronic fuel pump, this system provides the extra volume needed to feed the upgraded High Pressure fuel pump we utilize on these builds. 

- NGK Spark Plugs

Critical in long term reliability, these upgraded, colder heat-range spark plugs ensure a complete ignition burn, and prevent the often over-looked area of preventing pre-ignition due to the incorrect heat-range spark plug being used. Livernois Motorsports uses the highest grade, properly engineered spark plugs in all of our supercharger upgraded packages.

- 3-Bar Map sensor upgrade

The 6th generation Camaro uses the latest in GM control systems, but it was never intended to understand the added pressure from the supercharger. To allow the computer to properly function and work with the boost, we add in a Map sensor that can work with up to 30# of boost, ensuring it has all the range needed to keep the computer working with these upgrades, rather than against it. 


    • 2020-2022 Chevrolet Camaro LT1 6.2 Liter Naturally Aspirated
    • 2016-2022 Chevrolet Camaro SS 6.2 Liter Naturally Aspirated
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