Designed with performance and tunability in mind, we offer numerous camshaft options, from mild to extreme.  Every camshaft profile is developed with extensive testing on both engine and chassis dyno.  In order to ensure performance across the entire operating range, it's imperative to qualify every camshaft with a rigorous process of real-street, as well as track testing.  This ensures that the engine meets it's driveability requirements, while also providing the intended performance. 

Working in conjunction with our Engine Engineering department, as well our own in-house Tuning and Calibration department, we are able to leverage our extensive knowledge-base to produce camshaft profiles that are specialized for late model niche engine lines, like the GM LS and LT family, the Ford 4.6, Coyote, Raptor, Ecoboost, and the Chrysler Gen 3 HEMI engines. 

This product is currently still under development. Please check back soon.

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