At Livernois Motorsports, we have extensive knowledge of late model Ford, GM, and Chrysler electronic engine controls and tuning software. We have the experience to give you the best tune possible for your N/A or power adder vehicle, and go the extra mile to make sure your vehicle makes the most power possible, safely, and with excellent drivability and street manners.

Our load bearing All Wheel Drive Dyno-Jet Chassis Dynamometer can handle speeds over 180 miles per hour and over 2,000 rear wheel horsepower.This allows for accurate tuning with integrated air/fuel and boost monitoring under real-world loading conditions. This means a safe tune with plenty of power.

Livernois Motorsports provides three dynamometer capabilities to dyno-tune your vehicle or engine.

  • All-wheel-drive chassis dynamometer
  • Portable 2-wheel drive chassis dynamometer
  • Engine dynamometer
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