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What makes Livernois different from the competition, and why do we feel so strongly about our products? Simply put, we pride ourselves on putting in the extra time to engineer and design packages and products that will do more than just meet the requirements; we want to exceed those requirements in every possible way.

At Livernois Motorsports we take great pride in the fact that we offer something engineered and designed to be the best for a given application. Unlike our competition we don’t use off the shelf parts for engine builds. In most cases we have our own parts that are engineered and designed to go above and beyond what other companies offer with off the shelf parts. A great engine is designed with each and every part built to work in conjunction with the other components. Just selecting a piston off the shelf and sticking it with a rod and piston doesn’t cut it.

Most of our competitors use off the shelf parts, which isn’t a knock on the components, they’re usually adequate for most applications. At Livernois Motorsports though, good enough or adequate isn’t acceptable. We take our decades worth of engine building, racing, design and engineering experience, and we leverage that knowledge, experience and expertise to design and build engines that go far above and beyond just being adequate.

Every aspect of our engines and their components are carefully thought out and designed to work as a package. We develop our own piston, rod, crankshaft, fasteners, and much more, right in house. We sometimes we work with leading manufacturers in the racing industry to have these designs developed into finished components. This means when you buy a Livernois engine, you’re not buying a bunch of off the shelf parts that have just been “assembled”, you’re buying a meticulously crafted precision engine with custom designed components built from decades of racing and engineering knowledge.

Street Series

The Livernois Street Series product line is built for customers with budget and value as a top priority. These products are built using the same standards and quality as any Livernois product but with parts and service options more geared around value. These products utilize components that are targeted at the specific application they are intended and are not meant as one size fits all product line. In most cases the applications for the Street Series product line are street oriented vehicles that are not heavily modified and see infrequent track time.

The Livernois Street Series line of products are designed with specific goals and targets in mind when it comes to power and durability. By adhering to specific design goals for the products Livernois is able to produce a high quality product that meets a very specific requirement for both power capabilities and durability while still being affordable for the budget minded performance enthusiast.

Pro Series

The Livernois Pro Series product line is built for customers who are looking for products that offer a no compromise approach. The components and services used in these products are in most cases custom designed proprietary parts that are based off of years of development and the latest in racing technology. These proprietary designs and parts are available only through Livernois Motorsports. Each and every product in the Pro Series line has been developed and tested in a rigorous R&D process to produce only the highest quality most durable products on the market. The extensive design time that goes into making a product for the Pro Series line involves a complete and systematic approach to the entire product and its lifecycle. Each part is designed and tested to work together as a system to maximize power and durability.

The Livernois Pro Series line of products includes parts from industry leaders in their fields such as Manley, Callies, ARP, Carillo, Diamond, Ross and Clevite to name a few. Every aspect of the design, testing and final product machining and assembly are handled in house. This allows for complete control of the entire process start to finish. The latest in technologies are used in the design and testing of these products and components, including FEA (Finite Element Analysis), CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), as well as some of the latest CNC and CAD technologies available.

Custom Build

Livernois is also able to offer custom engines for a wide variety of applications. Our decades of experience in racing, coupled with our extensive engineering background, gives us a great wealth of knowledge to work from in designing a custom engine. We’ve won championships in pretty much every form of racing, including NMRA, IHRA, SCCA, SCORE, Baja Truck, Pikes Peak, Hydroplane, Sprint Car, Circle Track, Outlaw Drag Racing, and many more.

Whatever the platform and application, we can design and engineer a package that will exceed in every aspect. Our in house development team will work to engineer the engine package and components required to ensure that the engine is as durable as it can be, while making the power needed to win.

Every engine is built completely in-house, with machine work taking place on our CNC block machine center, and then in our custom engine machine shop. Cylinder heads are developed in-house, and digitized in-house before being CNC ported on our CNC porting machines. Every aspect of the engine build is handled internally, and controlled from start to finish by our team of experts.

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