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What makes Livernois different from the competition, and why do we feel so strongly about our products? Simply put, we pride ourselves on putting in the extra time to engineer and design packages and products that will do more than just meet the requirements; we want to exceed those requirements in every possible way.

At Livernois Motorsports we take great pride in the fact that we offer something engineered and designed to be the best for a given application. Unlike our competition we don’t use off the shelf parts for engine builds. In most cases we have our own parts that are engineered and designed to go above and beyond what other companies offer with off the shelf parts. A great engine is designed with each and every part built to work in conjunction with the other components. Just selecting a piston off the shelf and sticking it with a rod and piston doesn’t cut it.

Most of our competitors use off the shelf parts, which isn’t a knock on the components, they’re usually adequate for most applications. At Livernois Motorsports though, good enough or adequate isn’t acceptable. We take our decades worth of engine building, racing, design and engineering experience, and we leverage that knowledge, experience and expertise to design and build engines that go far above and beyond just being adequate.

Every aspect of our engines and their components are carefully thought out and designed to work as a package. We develop our own piston, rod, crankshaft, fasteners, and much more, right in house. We sometimes we work with leading manufacturers in the racing industry to have these designs developed into finished components. This means when you buy a Livernois engine, you’re not buying a bunch of off the shelf parts that have just been “assembled”, you’re buying a meticulously crafted precision engine with custom designed components built from decades of racing and engineering knowledge.

Every Livernois Motorsports built Rotating Assembly or Short Block is assembled with the utmost attention to detail. Balanced and blueprinted with strict tolerances for quality, reliability, and performance unmatched in the industry! From deburring and radiusing the blocks and pistons, down to the environmentally controlled clean room assembly procedures, Livernois Motorsports is confident that it is providing the customers with the highest possible quality in every engine that is built!

All engine builds require a clean environment to prevent contamination from foreign debris that could cause engine damage. It is also climate controlled to ensure that the measurements taken are always at a consistent temperature, which prevents variables and ensures consistency and accuracy.

Engine Build Facility

Livernois Engine build facility is a climate controlled, clean room environment. By maintaining the temperature of the build room we can ensure that all measurements taken are consistent. The clean room environment is a critical component in ensuring that each build is free of any foreign contamination that could cause damage to the engine.

Livernois Motorsports spends extensive time testing and developing new products which have become the standard through the industry. Our engine design services coupled with our engine build and manufacturing capabilities allow us to design, test and build just a single prototype engine, a batch of engines, or build large runs of crate style engines.

Our engine development facility & machine shop offers a complete solution to your machining needs. We offer a wide variety of services; honing, boring, prep work & everything in between are all handled in our machine shop. Utilizing cutting edge, state of the art machinery Livernois is able to hold tolerances of +/- .0001

Engine Services Engine Design Services Crate Engine Build Service Engine Component Design
  • Spec-Race Building & Service
  • Dyno Testing & Development
  • OEM Race Aftermarket Engine Supplier
  • Engine Component & Systems Design
  • Engine Development Services
  • Crate Engine Platform Design Services
  • Crate Engine Development Services
  • Crate Engine Build Programs
  • Low & High Volume Builds
  • Crate Engine Design Program
  • Quality Control System
  • Design/Engineering Support
  • Application Specific Design
  • Real World Design Input
  • Durability & Verification Testing

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