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2019-2020 FORD F-150 LIMITED TUNER

Livernois Motorsports
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Our MyCalibrator Touch Tuner is combined with our proprietary tuning software we have more access, more experience, more tuning support, more parts support and far more world records to back us up than any other tune provider in the marketplace.



With our MyCalibrator Touch Tuner featuring our proprietary tuning software we are able to offer unmatched ability, knowledge, experience, performance, and reliability with any of our performance offerings. These abilities ensure that we're able to offer added power, with the reliability you've come to expect from Livernois Motorsports.
What goes into a Livernois Motorsports Custom tune?
● Fuel control - The production fuel control logic inside the ECM is revised to work together with our other enhancements and is adjusted for the optimal balance between maximum safety and performance in any condition.
● Boost control - Far more complex than simply "increasing boost", our knowledge shines in our ability to ensure proper torque/boost control under all conditions, ensuring that the least amount of boost necessary to achieve our goals are utilized. This approach adds safety and reliability over a "max boost" approach.
● Rev, Top Speed Limiters, and Shifting Characteristics - By revising the engines power output, the RPM and speed that performance best takes place is dramatically altered. As such, we spend the time revising all of these areas to ensure that the result is a phenomenal balance that enhances every aspect of the vehicles performance. These modifications are made to make sure that you are able to have a long-lasting and entertaining life with your vehicle. 
● Towing Capabilities (On Tow Specific Tunes) - We amplify your F150’s natural ability to haul your cargo around. By accessing the parts of the computer that control performance we are able to create more power where it is needed in the lower and middle RPM ranges while ensuring peace of mind up to the maximum recommended tow rating!
● Timing - Ignition timing is one of the most critical items to control in a performance calibration. With all of the changes in boost, fueling, RPM ranges, and shift points the factory timing logic must be completely revised to provide the balance of power and safety we are known for. With vehicles today having hundreds of items that impact this function we ensure that our approach covers them all.
● Torque Reduction - Your 3.5 High Output equipped F150 is no slouch from the factory, but the stock approach involves almost completely turning the engine off during a shift. This allows for a nearly invisible shift, and is very smooth, but dramatically reduces performance and the feeling so many of you enjoy during a shift. Using our proprietary tuning software we alter when, where and how the computer tries to step in maintain control over your vehicle in a performance setting.
● Tire Size Alterations 
● Axle Ratio Alterations 
● E85/Flex Fuel Available with upgraded Fuel System purchased separately