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2018-2019 Mustang GT Stage 2 3.0L Whipple Supercharger System

Livernois Motorsports
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The stage 2 supercharger system pumps out an astounding 850* flywheel HP and 660* foot-pounds of torque on pump gas! Stage 2 features an extra 300rpm until redline, high flow fuel pump, 132mm billet throttle, body and 1psi higher boost.

The new, direct and port injected supercharger system features the brand new Generation 5 3.0L front feed twin-screw supercharger. Not to be confused with the Gen 3 or 4, this all-new supercharger features industry-leading efficiency from idle to redline. All new bearings, gears, rotors and housing allow the new supercharger to spin faster, longer and safer while producing more power than any other positive displacement supercharger ever built. The new Gen 5 features an all-new 3/4 rotor combination vs previous 3/5, 285 deg helix vs previous 270 deg, new bell mouth inlet, the optimized discharge port and increased diameter vs length for higher efficiency.

2018 also features an all new patent pending triple intercooler design that has even more volume and surface area than the already massive Whipple Cooler that cooled the Ford Cobra Jets and all the record-setting S550 Mustangs. Couple this with the industry's leading heat exchanger, water reservoir and intercooler pump, you get more power with lower boost levels and quicker recovery times after aggressive operation.