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The Gen V LT engine family presented the world with an amazing balance of modern features and technology, with old-school compliments like large displacement, and pushrod camshaft designs.

Our Stage 3 LT4 camshaft is purposely designed to have aggressive idle characteristics, but solid drivability, and exceptional power in any boosted build! This camshaft is best paired with our Stage 2 or Stage 3 Ported heads to take full advantage of the lift and duration of this camshaft design. 

Stage 3 LT4 Camshaft Specifications:

  • Intake Duration 232 @ .050 
  • Exhaust Duration 245 @ .050 
  • Intake Lift .684" 
  • Exhaust Lift .684"
  • Lobe Separation 116
  • VVT Compatible
  • Deletes DOD/AFM system

Our camshafts are designed with performance and ease of tuning in mind, offering numerous stages and options, from mild, to extreme. Every Livernois Motorsports camshaft profile is developed by extensively testing on both engine and chassis dyno, and then through a rigorous process of street driving and tracking driving. In order to ensure performance across the entire operating range it's imperative to qualify every camshaft with real street driving and testing. This ensures that the engine meets it's drivability requirements, while also providing the intended performance. 


Camshaft profiles are built around Livernois Motorsports extensive racing background, as well as Livernois Motorsports engine development programs. This data and knowledge is what gives Powerstorm camshafts the edge over their competitors, by utilizing the data from Livernois Motorsports engine development and its special application requirements, along with our extensive racing background, we are able to design camshaft profiles that make more power, have better drivability, and produce a better overall engine combination than any other manufacturer. 



*Features Increased Fuel Pump Lobe Lift - Requires Lash Cap Sold Separately

*Camshaft Deletes DOD/AFM System, requires additional components for use