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Livernois Motorsports
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Livernois Motorsports camshafts are designed with performance and tunability in mind, offering numerous stages and options, from mild, to extreme. Every Livernois camshaft profile is developed by extensively testing on both engine and chassis dyno, and then through a rigorous process of street driving and tracking driving. In order to ensure performance across the entire operating range it's imperative to qualify every camshaft with real street driving and testing. This ensures that the engine meets it's driveability requirements, while also providing the intended performance. 

Camshaft profiles are built around Livernois extensive racing background, as well as Livernois engine development for it's OEM partners. This data and knowledge is what gives Livernois camshafts the edge over their competitors, by utilizing the data from OEM development and it's special application requirements, along with our extensive racing background, Livernois is able to design camshaft profiles that make more power, have better driveability, and produce a better overall engine combination then any other manufacturer. 

In conjunction with Livernois own in-house engine engineering department, as well it's own in-house tuning and calibration department, Livernois is able to leverage our extensive knowledge-base to produce camshaft profiles that are specialized for late model niche engine lines, like the GM LS and LT family, the Ford 4.6, Coyote, Raptor, Ecoboost 2.3 and 3.5, and the Chysler 5.7, 6.1 and 6.4 engines.