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This Powerstorm Street Series short block is for your 2 valve 4.6 liter car or truck with TrickFlow aftermarket heads. These heads require a special pistons and Powerstorm has them and they are included in this short block. With these heads we know you are trying to make more power. Unfortunately the stock pistons and rods can't handle much over 400HP. We start with a brand new Ford iron 4.6 liter block and bore and stroke it making you a larger 4.9 liter short block which now can handle up to 700 HP. It contains our Powerstorm pistons, rods, stroker crank and more. We also lower the compression so you can add a power adder of your choice. The Powerstorm Street Series product line is built for customers with budget and value as a top priority. These products are built using the same standards and quality as any Powerstorm product but with parts and service options more geared around value. These products utilize components that are targeted at the specific application they are intended and are not meant as one size fits all product line. In most cases the applications for the Powerstorm Street Series product line are street oriented vehicles that are not heavily modified and see infrequent track time. By adhering to specific design goals for the products Powerstorm is able to produce a high quality product that meets a very specific requirement for both power capabilities and durability while still being affordable for the budget minded performance enthusiast. If you are looking to make more power, take a look at our Powerstorm Race Series TrickFlow short blocks part number LPP750114. For more details on this short block just click on the Product Information tab above.  If you need some help in choosing which short block fits your needs best just give us a call. 313-561-5500 

Note; pictured short block has the optional Aluminum block. an additional cost item..