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The Powerstorm Pro Series built 5.0 engine features many upgrades allowing it to handle up to 1,000 HP!  Built around Ford's new generation 5.0 aluminum block that is put through all of Livernois Motorsports Pro Series engine procedures like deck plate honing, align boring, modified oil passages and more. For more information on them click on the Product Information tab above. We also install many upgraded components such as our Powerstorm pistons, rods, main studs, coated main and rod bearings and more. When you put all of that together you end up with a very high quality engine that will provide you with years of service.


The Powerstorm Pro Series product line is built for customers who are looking for products that offer a no compromise approach. The components and services used in these products are in most cases custom designed proprietary parts that are based off of years of development and the latest in racing technology. These proprietary designs and parts are available only through Livernois Motorsports. Each and every product in the Powerstorm Pro Series line has been developed and tested in a rigorous R&D process to produce only the highest quality most durable products on the market. The extensive design time that goes into making a product for the Powerstorm Pro Series line involves a complete and systematic approach to the entire product and its lifecycle. Each part is designed and tested to work together as a system to maximize power and durability.  Every aspect of the design, testing and final product machining and assembly are handled in house. This allows for complete control of the entire process start to finish. The latest in technologies are used in the design and testing of these products and components, including FEA (Finite Element Analysis), CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), as well as some of the latest CNC and CAD technologies available.