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The Powerstorm Street Series 5.0 short block was designed as an upgraded street engine. Recomended for the customer who wants to upgrade from the stock 5.0 short block. The stock 5.0 short block and its weaker factory pistons and rods are only recomended to 450hp. So are pushing your 5.0 a little harder than that? But are not interested in paying the higher cost for a racing engine? This Street Series Powerstorm short block was designed for you! Starting with a new Ford 5.0 aluminum block we go through all of  our Livernois Motorsports engineered processes. If you need more information on them simple click on the Product Information tab above.. Next we install our Powerstorm pistons, rods and upgraded aftermarket engine bearings. This Powerstorm Street Series 5.0 short block is rated to handle 700hp. Not sure this engine is right for you? Give us a call we'd be happy to talk to you about your project, 313-561-5500

The Powerstorm Street Series product line is built for customers with budget and value as a top priority. These products are built using the same standards and quality as any Livernois product but with parts and service options more geared around value. These products utilize components that are targeted at the specific application they are intended and are not meant as one size fits all product line. In most cases the applications for the Street Series product line are street oriented vehicles that are not heavily modified and see infrequent track time. The Livernois Street Series line of products are designed with specific goals and targets in mind when it comes to power and durability. By adhering to specific design goals for the products Livernois is able to produce a high quality product that meets a very specific requirement for both power capabilities and durability while still being affordable for the budget minded performance enthusiast.