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Livernois Motorsports is proud to introduce another exciting new product for the Ford 4.6L Modular engine. This kit allows a modification once reserved for race only engines to the mainstream and makes it both affordable and easy to install for the end user.


The benefits of this kit are simple. The oil returns in the Ford Modular engine are built into the outside of the block. Oil from the cylinder heads is returned to the oil pan through these drain backs. Unfortunately, there are a few inherent problems with this system. First, the position of the drain backs allow for oil that is being returned to get sucked into the crankshaft as it rotates at high speed in the crankcase. This causes increased windage and horsepower loss from the parasitic drag induced from this excess windage. As the oil is pulled into the crankshaft, a roping effect occurs, causing this windage. The oil is pulled directly out of the return and right back into the crank. Second, the rotation of the crankshaft causes a large amount of air movement to happen within the crankcase. The same rotation of the crankshaft that creates a draw and pulls oil out of the returns on the driver side of the crankcase, also creates a pressure on the passenger side of the crankcase. This pressure prevents oil from properly draining back out of the passenger side oil drain backs.


In effect, the system creates both excess windage while also preventing proper oil return to the pan from the cylinder head. Because of this, Ford re-designed the block for the Ford GT. The oil drain backs in the Ford GT block are part of the oil pan and the oil drains back through the pan to prevent these conditions.

This system designed by Livernois Motorsports for the Romeo Iron, Windsor Iron and Teksid Aluminum blocks extends the oil drain backs deeper into the pan and prevents these problems. 


Kit Includes:

(6) Aluminum Tubes & Fittings

(1) 1/4" Tap

(1) 3/8" Tap

(1) 10 ml Bottle of Thread Locker