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Item not for sale in California
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Looking for the most power for your dollar? This T440 Package is for you.. Consisting of our My Calibrator tuner, Even Flo thermostat, Windstorm Cold Air intake and a 3 bar map sensor. These products will allow you to run our powerful 3 bars tunes giving you up to 70hp and 90tq and normally will get your Explorer Sport in the 13"s. Get this Hurricane bundle today and make you Explorer Sport into the fun vehicle it was meant to be! As an added bous we have included a Livernois Motorsports license frame so people will have something else to look at besides your tail lights.. Below is some details on what you'll be getting in you Hurricane bundle.. 


MyCalibrator Tuner

Custom tuning via Livernois Motorsports (Device stores stock + up to 4 Custom Tunes)

Multiple stages for increased horsepower & torque 

Dyno proven air/fuel adjustments

Transmission modifications with reduced torque management and modified shift points/firmness

Enhanced throttle response

Available for multiple fuel octane levels

Removed top speed limiter

Read/Clear (DTC) Codes

Windstorm Cold Air Intake

More flow equals more power and our Livernois Motorsports Windstorm series intake system gives you the best of both worlds! The Windstorm intake system features a dry and washable high performance filter, a new large, one-piece, rotationally-molded air box and totally redesigned air intake tube. These new one-piece air boxes feature an exclusive air filter which, when combined with the CAD-designed intake tube, provides maximum horsepower, torque, and MPG.

EvenFlo 160° Thermostat

Livernois Motorsports & Engineering now offers a line of EvenFlo low temperature thermostats for most late model performance engines. With one of these high performance Livernois Motorsports & Engineering thermostats, you can dramatically reduce the operating temperatures in your performance engine. This will allow for the engine to naturally make more power power, ensure consistent performance, and increase coolant flow to help extend engine component longevity.

3 Bar Map Sensor

This sensor allows us to better control the boost levels to give you more power and still maintain excellent drivability.