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 Livernois Motorsports, already established as a leader for firsts and performance in the Late Model world, is proud to announce the release of our custom tuning for this 2015+ 5.0L Mustang 'SEVERE WINDSTORM" bundle. This new tune combined with the Livernois Motorsports modified Windstorm CAI and Evenflo thermostat give you big power gains with simple eay to do modifications. By utilizing our 93 octane performance tuning and this package , you can see power gains up to 66 wheel horsepower over stock, and up to 57 additional Ft. Lbs of torque.      

The main componet of the SEVERE WINDSTORM BUNDLE is the MyCalibrator tuner which holds up to 4 custom tunes and is internet updateable, and of course includes free tune adjustments.

 Livernois Motorsports spent a great amount of time developing different levels of tuning to help fit every potential customer's driving styles, and habits. Knowing that many of these vehicles are often daily drivers, and octane levels can vary from state to state, we offer performance tunes for 91, 93, and 94 octane fuel,and E85 allowing you to always have maximum performance, and safety for whatever fuel you may end up using.

Livernois Motorsports is continually perfecting and updating our MyCalibrator tune offerings. As part of Livernois Motorsports' best in the industry customer support we of course give all our customers free lifetime tune updates for all supported platforms. Just email for updated tunes or information on how to purchase your MyCalibrator tuner. Act now and join the thousands of satisfied MyCalibrator customers! Then go for a drive and enjoy the improved power, shifting, drivability, and mileage that are available only through Livernois Motorsports with the MyCalibrator tuners.

Unlike other tuners on the market, Livernois' MyCalibrator offers true "grow with you" support. We have custom tunes to fit all of our performance upgrade packages, and can even custom modify our standard tunes to better fit your needs including for E85!! All of this is included with your new purchase of a Livernois MyCalibrator for your 2015-17 Mustang so long as you own it.