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2018-2019 FORD F-150 2.7L ECOBOOST TUNER

Livernois Motorsports
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The new MyCalibrator device available exclusively from Livernois Motorsports & Engineering is now available for your 2018-2019 2.7L Ecoboost F-150.
Gains of up to 68hp and 75tq on your otherwise stock vehicle
Custom tuning via Livernois Motorsports (Device stores stock + up to 4 Custom Tunes)
Multiple stages for increased horsepower & torque 
Dyno proven air/fuel adjustments
Transmission modifications with reduced torque management and modified shift points/firmness
Enhanced throttle response
Available for multiple fuel octane levels
Tow specific tunes
Ability to disable auto stop start function  
Revised top speed limiter
Read/Clear (DTC) Codes
**For maximum performance and the best drive-ability, Livernois Motorsports highly recommends the use of our EvenFlo 160* thermostat with the purchase of all MyCal tunes.**
*You can add a thermostat to this order with no extra shipping charge.*
*We recommend the use of our Pre-Gapped spark plugs for use with any performance tune*

*Windows PC required for tuner updates, MAC / Apple OS not supported*