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Our MyCalibrator Touch is combined with our proprietary tuning software we have more access, more experience, more tuning support, more parts support and far more world records to back us up than any other tune provider in the marketplace.




In addition to our Stage 1 Tuning, Livernois Motorsports has now released our Stage 2 Performance Tuning. For those looking for added power in addition to the enhanced performance driving characteristics found in Stage 1, this is the next step in performance enhancements. Offering maximum gains on 93 octane of nearly 100hp and 70# of torque, the difference in performance is immediately apparent, which peak vs. peak gains of nearly 50hp and 40# of torque these gains carry themselves throughout the entire powerband offering a much more linear power curve than stock. Want solid gains while keeping 87 octane in the tank? This release of our stage 2 tuning did not overlook those budget minded customers as we took special care to develop appropriate power enhancements for 87 octane as well. On the 87 octane Stage 2 tune, maximum gains of up to 50hp and 40# of torque and peak vs. peak gains of over 35hp and nearly 10# of torque allow for a respectable increase in performance without the need to run higher octane fuels. 



2017 Fusion Sport Stock vs Stage 2 87 Octane


2017 Fusion Sport Stock vs Stage 2 93 Octane


What goes into a Livernois Motorsports Custom tune?


  • Fuel Mapping- The fuel map inside the ECU is able to adjust the air/fuel mix for maximum efficiency and performance in any condition.
  • Boost Mapping- Controlling the compressed air/fuel mixture that is entering the motor. This is done by “teaching” the car’s computer new parameters in which to work.
  • Air/Fuel Management- Air/Fuel management is one of the most important factors in the combustion process. Maintaining a proper Air to Fuel ratio is crucial to getting the most out of your motor and also to prevent damage.
  • Rev, Top Speed Limiters and Shifting Characteristics- By dialing in the optimal RPM range and pressures for your transmission to shift at we are extending the life of those components. We also take this opportunity to revise your top speed limiter. These modifications are made to make sure that you are able to have a long-lasting and fun life with your vehicle.
  • Timing- Timing is where we control when the combustion event occurs. By revising the moment this happens we are able to increase your vehicle’s performance and efficiency!
  • Torque Management- Using our proprietary tuning software we alter when, where and how the computer tries to step in maintain control over your vehicle in a performance setting.





*Windows PC required for tuner updates, MAC / Apple OS not supported*