2016-2018 FOCUS RS TUNER
2016-2018 FOCUS RS TUNER
2016-2018 FOCUS RS TUNER
2016-2018 FOCUS RS TUNER
2016-2018 FOCUS RS TUNER
2016-2018 FOCUS RS TUNER
2016-2018 FOCUS RS TUNER
2016-2018 FOCUS RS TUNER

2016-2018 FOCUS RS TUNER

Item not for sale in California

We are very proud to announce the release of our MyCalibrator tuning device for the Focus RS!


Livernois Motorsports & Engineering has long been world renowned for our unparalleled results with custom tuning of all of the vehicles we support. We have taken great pride in offering many “World Firsts” resulting from our tuning. Not only being First To Market on many of the vehicles we support (including the all-new Focus RS), but often setting World Records as a result of the quality and dedication put into each and every tuner we sell. Our MyCalibrator tuner has been developed to allow people around the globe to have access to these amazing results.


Our Focus Rs Stage 2 93 Performance Tune features stout 55awhp and 70awtq peak gains. With gains as high as 68awhp and 90wtq in spots on an otherwise stock vehicle!


Computer & Tuning

Livernois Motorsports is truly unique in our approach as we continue to expand the world of tuning possibilities with the MyCalibrator Tuner. As the only custom-tuning company to develop its hardware, software and calibrations 100% in-house, Livernois provides a myriad of unique solutions. A few examples include tunes focused on performance, towing, and efficiency, as well as exclusive offerings such as flex fuel and data-logged based tuning solutions. Plus, many offerings are 50-state legal. All of this helps to establish Livernois as a leader in the industry with many first-to-market offerings, as well as world-record-breaking performance packed into one, easy-to-use device.

About Livernois Motorsports

Livernois Motorsports & Engineering has become best-known for revolutionary tuning and high-end performance products for late model Ford, Mopar and GM vehicles. The company is proud of its deep roots in the automotive and motorsports industry dating back to its original founding in 1949. Since then the company has expanded its product line to include tuning and performance components for desert racing, SCCA and drag racing. Livernois Motorsports is proud to engineer, test and manufacture its products in the USA.

Livernois Motorsports, already established as a leader for firsts and performance in the EcoBoost world, is proud to announce the release of our custom tuning for the 2016 2.3L Focus RS. Utilizing our 93 octane performance tuning, you can see peak vs. peak gains up to 55 wheel horsepower and 70 wheel lb ft of torque over stock.

Livernois Motorsports was the first company to offer true custom tuning for the EcoBoost family of engines all the way back in 2009. We wasted no time tackling this impressive engine family purchasing not just one, two, or three EcoBoost vehicles for development, but to date the Livernois team has owned 14 EcoBoost Vehicles to help develop our tunes, and full line of performance upgrades for these engines and platforms. 




Gains of over 68hp and 90tq on your otherwise stock vehicle

Custom tuning via Livernois Motorsports

Increased horsepower & torque

Dyno proven air/fuel adjustments

Enhanced throttle response

Available for multiple fuel octane levels (91 & 93 currently available)

Removed top speed limiter

Read/Clear (DTC) Codes

Burble Tune - This tune creates a race inspired exhaust pop when letting off the throttle. It is available in all factory modes or enhanced when sport/track modes are on. 

  • 2016-2018 Ford Focus RS 2.3 Liter Turbocharged
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