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MyCalibrator tuner For 2016 Explorer Sport and Platinum 3.5L EcoBoost V6

The new MyCalibrator device is available exclusively from Livernois Motorsports for your 2016 Explorer Sport and Platinum equipped with the 3.5 EcoBoost V6.

Livernois Motorsports has released yet another industry first! This time we have applied our extensive knowledge of the 3.5 NA equipped 2013-2015 Explorer to the new 2016 3.5 NA Powered Ford Explorer models. As seen on the last generation Explorer, this engine has an impressive amount of room left in the calibration, our Performance tuning unlocks that hidden potential with gains of over a 31hp and 44 ft/lbs of torque on our 93 octane performance tuning. In addition to these powerful performance tunes, we also have towing specific tunes available for performance, without sacrificing the utility these vehicles are designed for.


Gains of over 31hp and 44tq on a otherwise stock vehicle

Custom tuning via Livernois Motorsports

Increased horsepower & torque

Dyno proven air/fuel adjustments

Transmission modifications with reduced torque management and modified shift points/firmness

Enhanced throttle response

Available for multiple fuel octane levels

Removed top speed limiter

Read/Clear (DTC) Codes

Please select custom files from the boxes above.

**For maximum performance and the best drive-ability, Livernois Motorsports highly recommends the use of our EvenFlo 160* thermostat with the purchase of all MyCalibrator tuners.***

*You can add a thermostat to this order for no extra shipping charge.*


*Windows PC required for tuner updates, MAC / Apple OS not supported*