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MyCalibrator Touch

Livernois Motorsports & Engineering continues to be at the forefront of innovation and technology in the automotive industry. The All-New MyCalibrator Touch continues the tradition of groundbreaking performance in the American late model market. Whether it comes to wanting a tune that will enhance the performance of your vehicle all the way to helping your truck be able to get a little more towing power. We are a leader in first to market products for world record-breaking performance. 

*(Due to increased demand tune files will be sent out within 3-5 business days) 

*Currently available for Ford, Lincoln, and Mopar vehicles with GM applications soon to follow. 

Each Tuner Comes With: 

  • 1-MyCalibrator Touch 
  • 1-OB2 Cable 
  • 1-USB Cable

Featured Accessories: 

  • Swivel Suction Cup Window Mount ($19.99 w/Free Shipping) 

MyCalibrator Touch Features Industry Leading: 

  • Custom Calibration & Tuning
  • Dyno Proven Air/Fuel Adjustments
  • Compatible with most Livernois Performance Packages
  • Datalogging
  • Clear/Read DTC Codes
  • Diagnostics & Tools
  • Full-Color LCD Touch Screen Display
  • Ability To Have Up To Six Real Time Gauges
  • Cloud Updatable 
  • Vehicle Information