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Downloading Tune Update Software



Please follow the instructions below to install the tuner update application.  Once installed open the new program labeled Tuner update application V2, connect the tuner to the PC with the supplied USB cable, And select "Update tuner" to complete the file transfer.


Single file installer if your Anti Virus or firewall does not attempt to quarantine it.



Otherwise please use these files below

  1. Download the following 2 files from the following links. Be sure to download both files to SAME folder on the PC.
  2. Download file 1 at
  3. Download file 2 at
  4. Note the location on the PC as to where these files are being saved.
  5. The following two files should be present (setup.exe and UpdateInstallV2.msi).
  6. Double-click (run) file setup.exe. This will start the installer that installs the Tuner Update Software.
  7. Follow the on screen prompts as usual to install\update the application.

  **NOTE** You will only need to run file #1 Setup.exe once both files have been downloaded to the PC.  The second file will not require any further action other than being present in the same location as the setup.exe


When you first flash the 2010 and newer vehicles they shift harder than normal. They have adaptive learning and will soften up, but still be firmer than stock as it learns how you drive.