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The CARB approved patent pending Livernois Motorsports product is designed to solve a major problem with the 4.6L and 5.4L ford 3 valve engines. Over time, as these engines wera, they develop a knocking noise in the front timing chain area of the engine.

This is commonly caused by the cam phaser moving back and forth uncontrollably which, in addittion to all the noise, will send error codes to the computer and put the engine into the ‘limp’ mode. An engine in ‘limp’ mode will run very poorly with symptoms like low power, poor mileage, rough idle etc. This permanent repair kit will change the phaser to a solid hub design and install a new tune into the vehicles computer to get it out of the ‘limp’ mode, return it to normal operations.

Simple in design, requiring no special tools and it includes our timing chain wedge tool which makes it even easier saving you hours of time. Simply this is the only CARB approved and most complete cam phaser repair kit available anywhere... CARB approved for 2004-10 only, 2011-14 still pending.

This kit is designed to repair OEM Ford cam phasers and/or the aftermarket Dorman cam phasers. Most vehicles have Ford phasers but many times aftermarket Dorman phasers have been installed by previous owners to fix this condition, only to have it return again. Also, on occasion, we have found vehicles with one OEM Ford phaser and one Dorman phaser as well. To help fix these mismatched phaser vehicles or if you are unsre what phaser you have, this kit will solve that problem too! As stated above this kit includes the lock outs for both OEM Ford and aftermoarket Dorman phasers. If you have any questions call us at (313) 561-5500 and we’d be happy to help!