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5.2L Voodoo Head Studs

5.2L Voodoo Head Studs


Livernois Motorpsorts Powerstorm 5.2L Voodoo Head Studs





For the best Ford 5.2L Voodoo head studs in the industry, look no further than Livernois Motorsports.


Featured below are just some of the important differences between the 5.2L production head bolt, a competitor’s offering, and our new Powerstorm 5.2L head stud kit.


Stock Bolts


Starting with the comparison to production bolts. Immediately apparent is the first substantial improvement; switching from a bolt to a stud. While the production bolt is satisfactory in a stock power application, higher power outputs necessitate something with more clamping force. In this area, studs are superior to bolts because they allow the stud to be stretched evenly without a twisting force being applied to the shank, as happens with a bolt.


When it comes to the material, there is no comparison. This Powerstorm head stud kit utilizes 8740 Chrome Moly that is significantly stronger than stock torque-to-yield fastener. This higher strength material allows for a higher tensile strength fastener, which means more clamping load can be applied. This allows for the two components have increased clamping load, keeping the head in place under a higher power. By preventing shifting of the cylinder head, you will greatly reduce your chances of gasket or component failure.



The Competitor


When it comes to deciding which aftermarket 5.2L head stud you want, it's important to remember that just because a product is listed as compatible, does not mean it's the optimal choice. While it may be difficult to decipher which is the best option upon first glance, when you dig further into the details it becomes abundantly apparent.


Firstly, and in our opinion, a major issue in the competitor's offering, is that it is not a stud designed for the unique characteristics of the 5.2 Voodoo block, that they are merely an off the shelf part. While this in and of itself is does not make it a bad stud by any means, it’s critical failure is that it’s threads are of inadequate length to fully and properly engage in the block. This lack of thread engagement creates a situation in which the upper threads are pulled upon disproportionately, and with the much higher load being exerted from the higher strength material we have witnessed it resulting in block failures. These off the shelf studs sacrifice nearly 30% total thread engagement compared to our custom designed Powerstorm Head Studs. 


The Livernois Motorsports Powerstorm head stud kit is custom designed to exactly match the Ford 5.2 Voodoo block and offer improved stud engagement. To better ensure properly distributed clamp loads, we also utilize a washer that mimics the size of the stock washer, where as the competitor's offering actually uses a noticeably smaller diameter piece. 

Additional Upgrades


Powerstrom Billet Main Caps – LPP701144

Powerstorm Billet Main Caps + Powerstorm Studs – LPP701147

Powerstorm Sleeved 5.2L Block – LPP750122


For those needing to add even more strength of your block, the Powerstorm Billet Main Caps are a great addition. The 5 piece billet steel cross bolted main cap set is strong enough to handle over 1,000hp. These caps are made of 1044 billet steel to make them the strongest on the market.  With these upgraded Powerstorm billet steel main caps, you can extend the strength and reliability of your block far beyond that of a production Ford block. 


Also available from Livernois Motorsports, OE 5.0 and 5.2 blocks with our iron sleeves and billet main caps installed for the ultimate performance block available. Contact Livernois Motorsports for more information.

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